Construction (NCCER CORE/OSHA 10)

September 16, 2020

The Construction Training Program utilizes a curriculum developed by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). NCCERs Core Curriculum is 80 hours of instruction that teaches the fundamentals of construction: basic rigging, basic communication, and employability skills. Department of Labor recognizes this as the coursework equivalent of a persons first year of apprenticeship training. In addition to receiving the NCCER core credential, students obtain their CCS safety cards and OSHA 10 certificate. The Construction Training program is a flexible schedule with 80 hours of NCCER course instruction. The course duration is dependent on the needs of class participants and instructor availability, but we strive to complete all classes in less than 8 weeks. The module-based curriculum allows the instructor to modify the pace of instruction based on the abilities and backgrounds of the class. NCCER core curriculum includes seven modules introducing students to the construction and an optional module covering basic rigging. The curriculum below is based on a 7-week course with classes meeting twice a week for six-hour sessions, but the delivery timeframe can be condensed or extended to fit the needs of the host site and participants. In week 3 we propose a third meeting session outside the classroom setting so students can participate in performance verifications (e.g. ladder safety).