Are you looking for a new job or career as a result of COVID-19?

Rapid Recovery for a Better Future is Indiana’s people-focused initiative providing resources and support for Hoosiers affected by the pandemic to secure education, training, as well as skills and career coaching, and increasing access to quality jobs.

In addition to workforce training, Rapid Recovery for a Better Future is also committed to helping Hoosiers take their next step in finding a job, securing emergency aid, childcare support or food assistance. Your next step starts here.

Train for Your Next Level Job

The Workforce Ready Grant pays for all tuition and regularly assessed fees for qualifying high-value certificates at any eligible training provider. To qualify, recipients must:

  • Be an Indiana resident and a U.S. citizen (or eligible non-citizen)
  • Have a high school diploma (or equivalent) but less than a college degree
  • Enroll in in any qualifying training program at an eligible training provider
  • Meet any additional requirements for certain training providers and programs

How to Apply

  • Complete the short online survey or call 866-591-5018 to connect with an eligible training provider.
  • Ask your training provider if you need to file the FAFSA.

Not ready to apply? Click here for answers to frequently asked questions.

Search for Your Next Level Job

If you already have the training you need for your Next Level Job and are searching for your first job, changing jobs, re-entering the workforce, or planning a career change, the Indiana Career Ready INDemand Jobs tool can serve as the cornerstone of your efforts.

Visit to find and apply for high-demand, high-wage jobs in Indiana.