Dental Assistant with Radiology

September 3, 2020

A program that prepares individuals to provide patient care, take dental radiographs (x-ray photographs), prepare patients and equipment for dental procedures, and discharge office administrative functions under the supervision of dentists and dental hygienists. Includes instruction in medical record-keeping, general office duties, reception and patient intake, scheduling, equipment maintenance and sterilization, basic radiography, pre- and post-operative patient care and instruction, chairside assisting, taking tooth and mouth impressions, and supervised practice. Additionally, this program is recognized by the Dental Assisting National Board as a National Entry Level Dental Assistant (NELDA) program. The NELDA exam is composed of three component exams: Radiation Health and Safety (RHS), Infection Control (ICE) and Anatomy, Morphology and Physiology (AMP). Graduates of this program will be eligible for the NELDA certification after passing the three component exams and fulfilling the remaining eligibility requirements under one of the NELDA certification eligibility pathways.